Business Monitoring System – Q & A

Q & A

What is Business Monitoring System?
Business Monitoring System/BMS is a software system to extract, transfer, load, analyze a set of data and report the performance informations to user. It comprise two subsystems, Performance Scoring System/PSS and Performance Monitoring System/PMS.

What is Performance Scoring System?
Performance Scoring System is a software system to extract, transfer, load and analyze a set of data, based on a set of key performance metrics. Key managements need to formulate the metrics prior to use the system and update it regularly.

What is Performance Monitoring System?
Performance Monitoring System is a software system to monitor your business performance based on visual information displayed on your paper or your computers and smartphone screen. The information is output of Performance Scoring System.

What are the key benefits for customers by using Business Monitoring System?
Benefits for customers by using BMS:

  • Customers have a clear and scalable guidance for making business decision, because all metrics are processed by using real operational data.
  • Customers get awareness about their business situation, and take action timely and accurately.
  • Customers have a continuous basis to evaluate and control overall & units performance.

What are the BMS deployment options for customers?

The deployment options are :

  1. Outsourcing your monitoring process to CeAS by providing a set of data, and we deliver a set of performance reports regularly. We deliver the reports in hard copy and soft copy and also available in the mobile application (optional).
  2. We implement a BMS application in your organization, so that you can manage the monitoring process by your own. We provide assistance from the beginning until post implementation to make sure BMS run well.

How is BMS available to the market?
You can contact us directly.

Is BMS solution available based on a specific industry?
Either you choose option  A or option B for deployment, we will customize and configure the BMS based on your industry.

Which BMS edition do you recommend for my enterprise?
It depends on your people and your budget. If you have person to use the BMS tool, option B is better than A, because it will cheaper for you. Otherwise, you need an option A.

How can I apply BMS?
We provide full professional service and BMS tools to make BMS ready for your organization.

How does BMS platform compatible to my information system?
We design BMS for a various platforms of information system. Moreover, we also make sure that BMS is suitable with your information system prior to signed our agreement.

Can BMS applied on any DB?
Yes, most of database/DB are compatible with BMS.

What is the pricing model for BMS?
You may choose pricing model for option A with or with out mobile reporting tool, or option B with or with out mobile reporting tool.

Where can I learn more?
Don’t hesitate to contact us by email, skype, SMS, telephone, mobilephone, whatsapp or BBM. We always welcome to discuss all about our services and products with you.

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